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Sita Karam Kaur Ixchel

Welcome to Ixchel Rainbow Living

Your Sanctuary for Cultivating Rhythm + Flow

About Ixchel

I help changemakers, intuitive leaders + empaths cultivate their empathic nature + amplify their radiant leadership through daily rituals.

I know all too well what it means to fly too close to the sun and burnout because of it: I was the first in my family to go to college (while also a single mom), I was the first Latina to serve as Vice Mayor of Petaluma, California, I’ve run for Congress and I’ve mentored other women who were running for office or running their own business . . . I know what happens when we go go go and I know what’s possible  when we take 15 minutes a day (or less!) to breathe, pause and reflect.

Which is why I also have  35 years of training in consciousness exploration, meditation, self-development and intuitive-based action and I bring it all to my work with change-making womxn leaders.

What I know for sure is this: nothing, I mean nothing, works as well for rejuvenation, self-care and creating potent action as Kundalini Meditation.

Born with a heightened sensitivity for seeing interconnectedness. I view the world, our bodies and our Work as ecologies. Together let’s tune your Rhythm + Flow in life, body or leadership capabilities with ritual and grace.

My zone of genius is at the intersection of: plant-based and ancestral diets, Kundalini Yoga, plant medicine and ritual, feminism, political consciousness and Mayan Cosmology. Working together, I bring you to this intersection through intuitive-listening, deep experience and practical wisdom.

Why You Should Join Ixchel Rainbow Living

Did you know that the benefits of Kundalini Meditation begin to build upon one another after just a few days? It looks like this:

  • Connect with your divine self (getting calm, still and quiet)

  • Align with Your Truth (getting to the heart of your Soul’s desires)

  • Become a better leader (self-reflection)

  • Accelerate your success (clarity and focus equals more potent action)

  • Nurture your body and soul (instead of Doing It All at the expense of body and soul)

  • Radiate your heart’s desire and vision from the inside out (because: meditation)

  • Transform the world through your dreams (because inner focus and outer alignment is a powerful combo)

And that's just one of the five Dimensions of Rhythm + Flow.  Together with Breath, Movement, Ancestral eating, Walking in Beauty, and Embodying the Jaguar through a coherent autonomous nervous system you'll enter the Rhythm + Flow of your Life tuned in to the Cosmos with a renewed sense of purpose, ready to shine like the supernova your are, with radiant leadership and grace. Join us.

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